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Stradley Hagerty Dentistry has been servicing Decatur County since since 1976. It was founded at that time by Dr. Steven Stradley. Dr. Elizabeth Hagerty and Dr. Steve Stradley partnered in 2009 to give it the current partnered name. Dr. Katy Stradley joined the practice in 2010 upon graduation from medical school.

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Job Summary:

Stradley Hagerty Dentistry is in a special position to provide our patients the most important health service: ongoing preventive oral care by cleaning, scaling and polishing teeth to prevent gum disease.

Essential Duties:

  • Records treatment information on the patient's chart, including treatment rendered, the type of treatment planned and the amount of chair time, doctor time and assistant time needed for next appointment.

  • Takes radiographs as directed by the doctor.

  • Records evaluation of periodontal conditions, occlusal relations and extent of prophylaxis on dental chart to ensure a complete diagnosis and proper treatment plan by the dentist.

  • Provides customer service support to patients by escorting them to and from the treatment room.

  • Administers nitrous oxide and oxygen to patients as applicable.

  • Takes impressions for diagnostic and opposing models, cast restorations, space maintainers, and occlusal guards.

  • Applies non-aerosol and non-caustic topical agents and pit and fissure sealants.

  • Removes excess cement from supragingival surfaces of teeth.

  • Assists doctor during clinical exam and record findings and recommendations.

  • Performs oral cancer exam on all patients.

  • Scales, polishes, and applies fluoride to patient’s teeth.

  • Prepares all treatment rooms including, but not limited to, set-up, decontamination, sterilizing and sharpening all instruments, cleaning handpieces and room, and restocking supplies.

  • Places and removes post-extraction and periodontal dressings.

  • Sizes stainless steel crowns, temporary crowns, and bands.

  • Inspects patient’s oral cavity and charts lesions, existing restorations, and missing teeth.

  • Evaluates gingival health and health of all oral tissue.

  • Executes root planing and Myofunctional evaluations.

  • Educates patients on the importance of preventative care, the disease process, and the role of bacteria; provides appropriate educational literature and instruction on home care.

  • Polishes restorations and appliances (partials, dentures, etc.).

  • Administers temporary stabilization, temporary cementation and removal of temporary crowns. 

  • Schedules patient’s next treatment appointment, or communicates with appropriate staff to ensure this is done before patient leaves the practice. 

  • Implements and monitors recall system; contacts patients who are overdue for a recall.

  • Helps fill the patient schedule when there are openings to keep production levels high each day.

  • Debrides periodontal surgery site.

  • Places intra-oral sutures.


  • Ability to explain instructions to others with less technical knowledge.

  • Ability to maintain composure and professionalism when exposed to stressful situations.

  • Ability to perform scaling and root planning, take radiographs, and administer local anesthetic and Nitrous Oxide. 

  • Knowledge of OSHA regulations and changes.

  • Knowledge of English composition, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

  • Skilled in the use of standard office equipment including: telephones, calculators, copiers, fax, computers, and computer software (MS Excel, Word, Practice Management software).

  • Ability to engender trust from the doctors, co-workers, and patients. 

  • Ability to work cooperatively with management, staff, and patients.

  • Ability to prioritize, organize, and complete tasks in a timely and independent manner.

  • Ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions and accept constructive feedback.

  • Ability to collect data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, and maintain confidentiality.

  • Ability to communicate and express thoughts and ideas competently. 

  • Ability to quickly grasp relevant concepts regarding duties and responsibilities.

Education / Experience: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Special Requirements/Certifications/Licenses: 

  • Valid X-ray certificate

  • Current expanded functions RDH license 

  • CPR & first aid certificate  

Physical and Environmental Requirements: 

  • Hand-eye coordination and hand, arm, and finger mobility for detailed work with objects.

  • May be required to physically assist or lift drowsy patients after anesthesia.

  • Active movement throughout the day: sitting, walking, standing, squatting, bending, stooping, reaching, etc. (not a sedentary position).

  • Vision: close vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.

  • Hearing: able to satisfactorily communicate with patients, doctor, and other staff members to ensure that verbal communication is clearly understood, particularly during emergency situations.

  • Finger dexterity is needed to access, enter, and retrieve data using a computer keyboard or operate equipment. 

  • May be required to administer CPR.

  • Occasional exposure to toxic or caustic chemicals and radiation.

  • Exposure to moderate noise levels and hectic, fast-paced, high-anxiety environments.

Additional or different duties may be assigned occasionally at the employer’s discretion.

contact information

business: Stradley Hagerty LLC
contact: David
address: 101 E. 10th Street
Greensburg, IN 47240
phone: 812-663-2503 (Call Now)

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