Senior Accounting Manager

RBSK Partners PC

job description

About RBSK Partners PC: RBSK is one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in Indiana and has been in business for over 50 years. RBSK is led by its partners who are committed to the growth of the organization and are willing to invest money back into the company year after year. In 2019, the firm increased their size and capabilities by acquiring another firm, bringing them to a total of 5 locations in Indiana and 28 employees. Prospective employees can anticipate entering a family-friendly environment, where continuous improvement is ever-present, and teamwork is fostered.

Dedication to innovation, continuous learning, and a focus on a rich local family atmosphere is at the core of what makes RBSK successful. RBSK is diversified in accounting, audit, payroll, information technology services and is focused on continuing to expand and add additional services.

Over 20 years ago, the partners invested into developing the information technology division, which supports RBSK Partners PC staff. RBSK Partners' strong technical backbone allows them to be innovative and apply state-of-the-art technology while maintaining a heavy focus on client satisfaction.

RBSK Appreciates Their Employees by Providing:

  • Competitive salaries,

  • Continuing education,

  • Autonomy and the ability to react and communicate directly with clients,

  • Generous vacation allowance,

  • Internal advancement opportunities,

  • 401k, very flexible work schedules and more.

Your Unique Role with Us: The ideal candidate for the full-time Senior Accounting Manager role will be able to successfully rotate between a variety of general tax and accounting assignments, with an interest in establishing and regulating accounting and finance procedures. Positively affect the outcome by actively engaging clients and implementing process improvement efforts, to ensure close deadlines are met and be comfortable with change. RBSK is an evolving organization, investing heavily into growth. 

contact information

business: RBSK Partners PC
address: 224 N Broadway
Greensburg, IN 47240
phone: 812-663-7567 (Call Now)